Single in Second Life

At home...

Well, here I am. Most guys in Second Life want to look pretty – I just want to look ‘normal’. I’m in my mid- forties in real life, gay, and for the most part happy. We all need to excape from everything now and again, and I’ve chosen Second Life to excape to. I can be myself here, or better still, be what I’d like to be.
I’ve been in Second Life now for over two years, and for the most part enjoy my own company and being single. However, in recent weeks I have felt I’d like more… maybe someone to share my Second Life with. I give 100% when I’m in-world and would like to think there is a guy out there who feels the same. I promice him my total devotion, lots of laughs, cuddles and to hold his hand through tough times as well as the good times.

Not too much to ask, is it?